The Mod Goddess guide to Power

The Mod Goddess guide to Power

Does the Goddess have any relevance to modern women’s lives? In a world of computers and cocaine, IVF and plastic surgery, lipstick lesbians and toxic bachelors, is advice from Aphrodite going to cut it? Can some dusty draped goddess from ancient Athens still have something to say to the 21st century girl?

Actually, not all Goddesses are Greek – every culture on earth has Goddesses in its spiritual history. And not all Goddesses are good. Like real women, they can be silly, spiteful, cranky, wicked… the tales of some Goddesses are cautionary ones.

Each month at Uplift, we’ll look at a Goddess from our global past, see how her story connects with a modern woman’s problem, and show how we can each become a Mod Goddess.

We’ll start with a most important issue: Power.

Say you are sleeping with a v. sexy guy. Let’s say he’s a Male Model. Now, this is not the first time you have slept with The Male Model but it is the first time he has requested you wear handcuffs. On the one hand, they are purple and fluffy; on the other, they do actually lock with a key. Which he is holding. Hey, you say, not sure about this. Oh come on, he insists, it will be fun. Damn, he’s gorgeous. But your wrists hurt. Stay and play? Or go away? Perhaps Lilith, the Hebrew Demon Goddess, can help you decide.

Bet you didn’t know Adam had a first wife. Before Eve. Lilith was created, like Adam, from the dust of the earth. She was no spare rib. Adam had hoped for a docile helpmate but Lilith expected equal footing in the Garden of Eden. They quarrelled. In the sack, things were worse: hubby insisted on sex only in the missionary position; she refused to be so submissive. In the end, Lilith left – her sexual liberation was more important than a perch in Paradise. Chastised for her independent zeal, she was vilified as a demoness. It was said that she was the serpent that slithered into Eden and seduced Eve into biting that alluring apple…

Trussed or tickled? Only by stating what you don’t want in bed – or in life – will your true desires emerge. Don’t doubt these; feel entitled to them and enjoy their potency. Lilith is portrayed as a vengeful ex-wife but she only wanted to share her secret with Eve: power is acting on the assumption that your wants will be honoured. (If only the two had kept in touch!) Desires rule the world; make sure you rule yours.

Mod Lilith – Germaine Greer: gutsy feminist, whose seminal book ‘The Female Eunuch’ made her a prime, if polemical, voice of the women’s movement. In it, she ascertained that Western women have been separated from their libido and their faculty of desire and consequently, cut off from their capacity for action. In other words, trying to please others and not yourself results in paralysis. The original sexual liberationist, Germaine has backtracked a bit, but continues to publish and provoke.

Next month: What to do if ‘yummy mummy’ leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

By: Glenda May Richards, 28.01.2008 | Comments (4)
  • melissa
    February 14th, 2008
    9:46 pm

    As a liberated single woman, my first reaction to the Male Model with the fluffy handcuffs dilemma would be, well ok, but it’s you that needs to be handcuffed to the bed….lay back while I shave off your pubes and take pictures of you blindfolded and looking falorn (?)… did this on Sunday actually and any guy who needs his pubes shaved off is not worth knowing……….x

  • Joanna Pocock
    February 15th, 2008
    2:03 pm

    this is great. Love the idea and and writing. Shame it is every month and not every week — maybe every month ties in well with the goddess of menses?
    Looking forward to the yummy mummy one. …. xo Joanna

  • debra cluff
    February 15th, 2008
    8:02 pm

    Liked it! Thought the pics were good. Sorry Andy didn’t end up doing them – he can be very hard to tie down – maybe not with fluffy handcuffs though………

  • Steve
    February 21st, 2009
    4:50 am

    Woman should always be fully sexually liberated, and have all the power over the males. She is the primal and absolute force.

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