The Mod Goddess Guide to Fashion

The Mod Goddess Guide to Fashion

You are leafing through Vogue and come to the realisation you have morphed into Ms Morbidly Obese. How did this happen? Well, according to the distorted mirror society’s style police have placed in our dressing rooms, unless you are a frowny zero-sized supermodel and wearing a thousand dollar designer dress, you really aren’t attractive and might possibly be repulsive. Anyway, you certainly are fat. Puncture this air-head idea with an arrow from the quiver of Artemis, the Huntress.

Artemis was the original Greek green goddess – athletic and outdoorsy, she was a strapping girl who had no time for frills and frou-frou. Once, she was bathing naked in a forest stream and caught a hunter spying on her. She immediately transformed him into a stag and then (animal lovers look away now) his hounds tore him to shreds. Artemis was proud of her body but also felt it did not exist to be gawked at… or covered in über-expensive frippery.

Kill the razor-sharp fashion stare that cuts women down to a size that ain’t natural. You needn’t hire a pack of dogs or take up archery like Artemis to do so. Don’t diet and don’t live on a diet of glamour magazines. Throw on a cheap-and-cheerful frock, take some long cellulite strides and tell fashion to take a hike. Be a big girl.

Mod Artemis – Lily Allen: singer-songwriter whose wry lyrics and breezy reggae tunes made her a My Space star. Her quirky style of retro ballgowns and trainers was so popular she formed Lily Loves, a line of dresses, shoes and accessories sold through New Look. Lily has spoken out against the ’size 0′ straightjacket of fashion and says her clothes promote a ‘positive body image’.

Next Month: Learning to download downtime.

By: Glenda May Richards, 31.07.2008 | Comments (1)
  • Laura
    August 9th, 2008
    7:04 am

    Out here on the west coast of Canada, fleece and gortex make us feel vibrant, outdoorsy and alive, while covering off some of that aging flesh that might be a bit lumpy.

    Who the heck cares…..


    It’s all in how I feel, and then, whoever I’m with, if he/she is worthy, is going to feel MARVELLOUS :) :)


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