Now you see it, now you don’t…

Beauty is in the post production, as this video from Room demonstrates. Here are some stills, just in case you have trouble viewing it…

Pharell Williams Re-touched

Belly Re-touched


Britney Spears Re-touched

Room are (or were, since the link to their original site no longer works) a Californian post-production company. This show-reel of their work on music videos might act as a bit of a revelation to some (it was to me when I first saw it!) since, whilst we are becoming increasingly aware of the ‘Photoshopping’ of still images, the re-touching of film is still a bit of a mystery.

Warning: this video will lodge ‘So Fresh, So Clean‘ into your head, where it will play on repeat over and over for hours. Not necessarily a bad thing, and how appropriate a pairing is that song with this video? Look at all those ‘fresh’, pore-less faces! And, is it just me, or does this video tarnish Pharrell’s mystique a teensy bit…?

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