New Uplift Contributor – Danielle Lawson

A warm welcome, please, for our newest contributor! Danielle Lawson wrote the latest feature, reviewing artist Sophie Calle’s ‘Take Care of Yourself’ at the Whitechapel gallery. Here she is to tell us a bit more about herself…

Danielle Lawson

“Hi ladies (and hopefully gentlemen),

I’m Danielle, an English-born Scot currently living the post-arts degree lifestyle of office day jobber and weekend philosopher in London. I’m looking forward to getting out and around the city and recounting some of the many exciting events for you here on Uplift!

A former student of feminist literature I’m a firm believer in the kind of gender equality that means championing the thoughts and opinions of women rather than pointing frazzled lingerie at the opposite sex, so I hope you’ll join me in trying to continue Uplift’s success as a forum for informed and passionate people everywhere.

As a major magazine junkie and a big fan of American novelists like Henry Miller and Norman Mailer (bear with me on that) I live in a sometimes topsy-turvy daydream of photographs and paragraphs. I am often to be found wandering the fabulous markets of Spitalfields and Brick Lane or (more frequently) commuting to my job as a pseudo business journalist in West London. I have previously contributed to printed publications such as the Ecologist and the Bluestocking Journal and can’t wait to explore the potential of a dynamic online magazine to change the face of women’s magazines!”

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