Bite The Hand That Feeds You: Part 1

Once upon a time, I used to write a zine. Okay, so maybe ‘write’ is a bit of a stretch… I mainly collaged together pieces of media aimed at women and did my utmost to subvert them with Tip-Ex and Letra-Set (art students, eh?!) but it was most definitely the seed that turned into the Uplift you see here, now – so I thought people might be interested to see it!

The series of zines was named Bite The Hand That Feeds You and each little folded zine was a response to aspects of the media that vexed me. As you read through the zine, it folded out to reveal a positive message of resistance. If you were so inclined you could display this big A3 declaration on your wall (although I wonder if anyone actually did that…?)

The first BTHTFY I thought I’d share is one on a subject we’ve been discussing a lot recently. I mixed up images from a style editorial about coats (I was drawn to her oddly panicked face) with media messages about staying safe in public spaces. I think the influence for this one came from being reprimanded by a police officer mere metres away from my front door for simply walking alone at night…

Anyway, enjoy!

You can see the whole collection of Bite The Hand That Feeds You in The Women’s Library! Oh yes indeedy!

By: Sarah Barnes, 28.01.2010 | Comments (2)
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  • Gill
    February 1st, 2010
    10:43 am

    I have these – they’re great Sarah :) And also, by posting this you’ve given me some great inspiration to dig out my zines box & utilise some of the great ideas/artwork within with my youth groups. Yay for DIY.

  • Sarah
    May 3rd, 2010
    2:17 pm

    I love collages, and I love this! ::Runs off to go look at the rest::

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