Maria Bamford. She Funny.

So here we are. It’s the first week of January and already it feels like that weird no-woman’s land where all the fun stuff is done and dusted and winter is no longer ‘festive’- it’s just cold. What is left for us now in these dark, depressing times?! Well it seems that sometimes nuggets of joy can seek us out when you least expect it…

I was listening to music on Spotify yesterday and a shiny piece of happiness popped up accidentally in my playlist. One moment I was listening to Alicia Keys, and the next I was listening to comedian Maria Bamford doing a bit about Alicia Keys. With Bamford’s resounding scream of ‘Silly Goose!’, I was hooked. I quickly looked her up on Spotify (and I suggest you do the same, if you have it!) and spent a ridiculous amount of time getting acquainted with her hilarious vocal contortions and absurd vignettes.

Much of Bamford’s material seems to come from her own social anxieties; her painfully self aware nature allows her to view with clarity the behaviour of others – which leads to her extraordinary and diverse impressions. I absolutely love her parody of women’s magazine advice on ’shaping up for summer’ and ‘driving your man wild’ (skip to the track ‘Goddess of Little Lake Pequaym’, Spotify listeners!)… complete with starved giggling.

Bamford seems to love sending up all forms of self improvement (she talks quite candidly about her own neuroses and OCD) including life coaching, therapy and spiritualism. Her bit on creating a vision board, where she pastes images of her goals and desires, had me crying with laughter.

If you haven’t got Spotify then you can watch more of Maria Bamford here and here, or you can buy her latest stand up CD here. I will leave you with this lovely take on the ‘You don’t have to be crazy to work here… but it helps!’ mind set and hope that you might leave this post feeling your wintry night has been made that little bit brighter by Ms Bamford!

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