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Happy New Year everyone! I do hope you all saw 2010 in in style. For me, one of the most exciting things about New Years (besides breaking my resolutions, that is) is the return of Eve Ensler’s fab play The Vagina Monologues, just in time for Valentines. Well, what else am I gonna be doing on that day?


… Perhaps.

But to come back to Eve Ensler’s wonderful book, a comprisal of monologues, all related in some way to the vagina, be it through sex, masturbation, love, orgasm, rape, childbirth, menstruation… shoot, I’m sorry, am I getting a little *too* feminist, here?

Fear not, The Vagina Monologues is often frivolous and fun, and especially more so when being viewed as a performance. Every year it is staged internationally between February 1st and March 31st, with proceeds being used to support the amazing V Day charity, who work to stop violence against women all across the globe.  Indeed, the movement was started by Eve Ensler in the late 90’s, and has expanded over the years to incorporate art, film and festivals as part of the activism. It was reported that last year, over 3700 V: Day Benefits were organised, let’s hope we can up that again for 2010!


What can we do to help? Volunteering has started for The Vagina Monologues ‘10 and you can apply right here. The V Day group are specifically looking for the following, but as is stated on their website, women of all shapes, sizes, ages and nationalities welcome!

Are you a..

Performer with a movement/physical theatre background with a strong physical presence, some vocal training (an ability to deliver lengthy monologue text) and a passion for ensemble work?

And/or a

Comic character actors or comediennes with a strong physical presence and a willingness to experiment? If you sing, play an instrument, have a specific performance skill or a taste for the outrageous, get in touch and tell us what you can do!

I’m seriously considering signing up, and would love to see some of you there, after all there aren’t too many opportunities for us girls to revel in the existence of our lady bits..! Getting a Hollywood wax doesn’t count, damnit.


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