Inspiring Confidence with Feminist Graffiti

I absolutely love feminist graffiti, and rejoice whenever I see it… so imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw this particular plastic surgery advert which had been covered with all manner of feminist sloganed stickers. Of course, it would be much nicer to get on the tube and not have to come face to face with these adverts on a daily basis, but until that day at least we have this form of activism to brighten our day.

By: Sarah Barnes, 17.02.2010 | Comments (2)
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  • Sarah
    February 17th, 2010
    10:09 pm

    The only thing that could make this response better is if, instead of politely removeable stickers, the graffiti was of the permanent spray-paint variety. Nevertheless, nothing makes me feel less alone in the world than a show of solidarity like this one! If I could hug the ladies that put those stickers up, I would. ^_^

  • Cooch
    July 16th, 2010
    5:58 pm

    I absolutely love this too. This graffiti inspired me more than you would know. I stood up to sexists at my work and felt empowered by the simple statements getting women to think for themselves. I feel frustrated how women feelthat they have to be for men, society and other pointless distractions. I am 26 and did not reaise how much I want to destroy sexism. Whomever is responsible I would love to know what else they do, I want to do it – screw I just might

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