Can You Feel It?

This little sticker, at a pedestrian crossing near Old Street Station, made me very happy indeed. With activism supporting site UK Feminista launching today, the recently aired Women documentary series still fresh in our minds, and the warm glow still burning after Million Women Rise, this simple sticker-showcased-sentence totally sums up how I am feeling about the UK women’s movement right now. Sisterhood really is blooming! It’s blooming marvellous!

By: Sarah Barnes, 27.03.2010 | Comments (2)
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  • Stephanie Phillips
    March 28th, 2010
    7:59 am

    I love that. Little acts like that really do make a difference x.x.x

  • Sarah Barnes
    April 8th, 2010
    10:45 pm

    Yeah, definitely. It may not mean so much to the average passer-by, but to me it’s really great to be reminded there are other feminists out there. Together we are strong!

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