Love Your Vagina!

I caught sight of this advert in the underground this morning and had two thoughts in quick succession. First; Hurrah! A poster acknowledging the existence of vaginas! That’s not something you see everyday! And second; This better not be for a tampon company! Well… having looked up I now know what it’s all about. I almost don’t want to tell you what the campaign is advertising, because it was quite a pleasant surprise!

Okay, so it wasn’t as fabulously mind blowing as a ‘know yourself’  health campaign (free mini mirrors from the NHS to encourage examining down there!) or the government advocating self-love as a stress buster (the recession has been especially hard on us ladies!). Ah well, a girl can dream!

No, these are adverts for the humble Moon Cup! The re-usable sanitary product – that has previously only been marketed through feminist word of mouth and stickers on the toilet doors of vegan cafes – now seems to have a bunch of money behind it, and they are using it wisely on these delightful, Vagina Monologues inspired, teaser posters.

Even though they are a bit cutesy (who actually uses the term Lady Garden, anyway?) and, for some odd reason, the shape of each swirly-fonted Vagina nick name is in the shape of a neatly trimmed triangular pubic…erm, Lady Garden (okay, okay, so it has its uses) I really like what I’ve seen of this campaign so far. It’s for a good product, it’s fun and un-apologetic AND it gets people talking about vaginas. What’s not to love?!

Tell Moon Cup what you call your vagina here, if you’re that way inclined. Or just look what others call theirs! Here’s one nick-name to wet your appetite; ‘Lady Gaga’. I think she’d be pretty flattered, actually.

By: Sarah Barnes, 16.03.2010 | Comments (3)
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