Million Women Rise 2010

Thousands of women from across the UK and beyond gathered in London on Saturday the 6th of March for the third annual Million Women Rise march. Travelling from Hyde Park, through Oxford and Regents Street to gather for a rally in Trafalgar Square, women marched, chanted and sang to assert their rights to lives free from violence.

Isabella singing I Aint Afraid – “Violence is a universal Language, and it’s a rotten universal language.”

Anna from Object – “We seek a shift in society where it is no longer seen as normal and acceptable for women’s bodies to be bought and sold.” – ” The tide is turning and we are well and truly on our way!”

Patsy from Mothers Against Violence – “Women Arise! Arise to our responsibility! Arise because we are women of power! Arise because we have work to do! Arise for the sake of our children!”

Pinney from Tamil Women’s Forum – “Please support the Tamil women in their liberation!”

Suswati; London Feminist Network member and student at School of Oriental and African Studies – “Women should have the right to wear whatever we want, the right to go wherever we want and to walk home tonight free from fear.” –  ”Beauty pageants lead to the de-huminisation of women” – (regarding pageants at universities)”Both men and women have equally earned a place at university, so how is it that we are still treated differently?”

Charlotte singing Born to Choose – “The most important decision in your life is whether you choose to love or choose to live in fear, and women get pushed into this more than anyone else.”

The march and rally was rounded up with a rousing rendition of  Million Women Rise’s signature song; ‘One Woman One Song!’

Read The F Word report on the march here.

Watch videos from the march here.

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