The trouble with Mother’s Day cards…

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, it’s Mother’s Day today! It’s a day for people to show the mothering women in their lives just how much they appreciate them… and one of the ways many of us do this is with a well chosen greetings card. But such a seemingly simple task is not easy when faced with this card-board minefield of patronising Mum stereotypes.

In a sea of pink, an alien observer couldn’t be blamed for thinking that mothers are constantly hoovering, shopping and providing a ‘free laundry service’. Hmm… Okay, so data shows that women do more house-work than men, but why on earth would you want to remind your long suffering mum of such drudgery on her ’special day’? Can’t card companies understand that there’s a fine balance between letting a woman know that you see, and appreciate, that she’s taking on a lot of domestic work and boiling down her characteristics to her cleaning duties?

Many cards that have that message of ‘Hey Mum, take the day off’ also have a rather ungracious underlying hint that, with this one gifted card, the sender can take the hard work that their Mum does for granted the rest of the year… and not even lift a finger in help! What a lovely sentiment!

Here’s hoping you lot will be sending, and receiving, some great cards today. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

By: Sarah Barnes, 14.03.2010 | Comments (1)
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  • Rosa
    March 27th, 2010
    9:04 pm

    Here, here! I study at Hampton Court Palace and for Mother’s Day this year they spent DAYS filling up ‘The Queens’ Walk’ with bouquets of flowers carefully designed by some groups of flower arrangers, and they called it FLORIMANIA. All I could think is about how my Mum wouldn’t be bothered at all by such a thing and what a grand waste of time, money and flowers it was.
    I made her a card with a feminist slogan on and sent her that, instead.

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