Male, Pale and Stale

So, there’s a new government in at number 10 and we’ve all been frantically playing spot the women and minorities… to little avail. The F Word has, of course, had its keen eye on developments as cabinet members were announced – read their posts here and here – but, now that the dust has settled, things are looking pretty dismal with just 4 female representatives out of 23 posts (17%) and a minute 3% minority ethnic representation (somewhat at odds with the most recent national population estimates that puts the British population at 16% non White British).

In the spirit of striving towards a political landscape that more truly represents the British population, One World Action have targeted the UK’s main political parties with a letter that calls for women’s representation to be put back on the political agenda. The letter, which is part of their More Women More Power campaign and has been backed by nearly 200 supporters, states;

The presence of women in greater numbers in public life is not only fairer and more representative, but it also ensures different perspectives, solutions and approaches and must be at the heart of political renewal in the UK.

Read the full letter here. One World Action have called for parties to respond, and will be posting up any feedback on their blog. We’re all ears!

Image taken from the BBC news website here.

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