Fashion Maketh Woman: The IQ2 Debate

Donning my glad-rags to celebrate the Reclaiming The F-Word book launch, I couldn’t help but have second (and third, and fourth) thoughts; Is a  satin, sapphire-blue pencil skirt and a customised Kylie tee shirt really what I should be wearing to a feminist book launch? Luckily, I know that feminists are a friendly, fun and understanding lot… which is why I went along in exactly my original choice of clothing and no-one gave two hoots about my appearance!

Still, the fact that I even raised the question with myself says a lot about feminism’s difficult relationship with fashion. Personally, as a feminist who writes about fashion, it’s a battle that rages constantly in my consciousness. I was immensely glad to hear, then,  about Intelligence Squared’s upcoming debate Fashion Maketh Woman, featuring an incredible speaker panel that will include Fat Is A Feminist Issue author Susie Orbach, artist Grayson Perry and Grazia’s Style Director Paula Reed.

With such diverse and passionate speakers, it looks set to be a really lively and intelligent debate! As the blurb says on the IQ2 website;

Woman is born free, but everywhere is fashion’s slave. Her choices are an illusion: the fashion companies and magazines dictate her purchases to her. She feels compelled to own the latest must-have handbag, believes the key to happiness is the new bondage boot; they’ve told her she’s worth it and without her fashion fix she feels worthless. This, at least, is the story told by those who scoff at fashion. But isn’t that just sour drapes? Isn’t it rather the case that the world of fashion defines the spirit and mood of the age? That the brilliant designers in the fashion houses bring vim and vigour to an otherwise pedestrian world? And that those who somehow think they’re above it all just end up looking drab and dull?

As per usual, I’m firmly perched on the fence! Still, I’m really looking forward to being forcibly swung this way and that by the evening’s speakers. There’s only one thing on my mind until then… what outfit should I wear?

Fashion Maketh Woman takes place on Thursday, the 17th of June at the Methodist Central Hall Westminster. Doors open at 6pm and the debate is scheduled to finish at 8.30. Tickets are £25 (or half price for students) and can be bought here.

By: Sarah Barnes, 11.06.2010 | Comments (2)
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  • Mr X Stitch
    June 12th, 2010
    7:13 am

    FYI I thought you looked extremely cool. :)

  • MsAfropolitan
    June 15th, 2010
    12:03 pm

    Oh glad I saw this, got to check it out! Hmm what to wear? ;0)

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