Mail Arrives for More Women More Power

Back in May, I blogged about One World Action’s ‘Standing Up, Not Standing Still’ letter, which the organisation created as part of their More Women More Power campaign. Addressing the letter to the UK’s main political parties, One World Action called for women’s representation to be put back on the political agenda.

Well, it’s been a bit of a wait, but earlier this month One World Action received a response from the Government Equalities Office. Prime Minister David Cameron had transferred the letter on to the office for its specialist attention, and the response had great elements of positivity. It was encouraging to see admissions that equality is far from achieved and that more must be done to work towards it;

I also note your particular concerns regarding the under-representation of women across the UK Parliament (143 women MPs out of a total of 650 (22%)). Since the election the UK position internationally has moved from 61st to 50th out of 186 countries and placed us 10th in the EU, but we are aware that we still have a long way to go in order to make the very best use of diverse talent in political life. We also agree that increasing numbers of women in politics has a real and constructive effect on the quality of decision making. The reality is that politics needs a reasonable balance of men and women so that the decisions that are made truly represent the electorate.

Not all concerns felt answered, however. Whilst it’s great to hear that our government “are committed to making Britain a fairer society for all”,  I’m sure those who had signed the original ‘Standing Up, Not Standing Still’ letter would have been welcomed some more concrete plans towards achieving equality.

What do you make of the response? Read the full reply from the Equalities Office on the More Women More Power Facebook page.

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