Not Ever!

She walked where?! At what time?! Wearing that?! Well, what did she expect… Depressingly, many studies show a culture of victim blaming exists; particularly in rape and sexual assault cases. Back in February, The Havens ‘Wake Up To Rape‘ reported most respondents to their study blamed rape victims for their assailants assault, amongst other more detailed figures, they found one-third blamed victims who had dressed provocatively. Further, Rape Crisis Scotland found 20% of people believed women contributed to rape by wearing revealing clothes, and 40% believed that if a women put herself in a ‘risky’ situation she was to blame. These are just two recent studies which show how rife victim blaming is.

Whilst, there are those that hold these views, thankfully some people realise that if a women walks down the street, even if it is poorly lit, it is not an invitation for rape, nor is wearing a skirt that just covers your bum, a cleavage showing top or getting drunk. The Scottish Government, thankfully, fall into this category and side with common sense to quash these ridiculous notions. And with rape convictions being as they are (in England it is generally considered to be pretty paltry figure at around 6%, in Scotland it’s even worse at 3%) it couldn’t come sooner.

Launched a couple of weeks ago, Not Ever features the first TV advert of its kind for Scotland, and aims to question peoples attitudes to rape myths and to shift the focus on the person who makes the decision to rape. You can watch the advert here. I really like the sarcastic tone of the advert, it is simple and crucially very effective. When the women says in a light hearted cheerily way: “I’m going out tonight and I want to get raped. I need a skirt that’ll encourage a guy to have sex with me against my will.”, it really underlines how utterly stupid it is that a women could be ‘asking’ to be raped, be it by her actions or her clothing. My only question is; when does the rest of the UK get a similar advert?

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