What is ‘Feminism’? Answers on a Postcard…

Personally, I don’t think I’d be able to fit all my thoughts about feminism onto a postcard (if that was possible, this blog wouldn’t exist!) – let alone make said postcard aesthetically pleasing and worthy of being put up for auction! Hats off, then, to the 38 people who have done just that for tonight’s Feminism in London Postcard Auction.

Raising funds for this years Feminism in London conference (taking place on the 23rd of October) the auction will include works from artists, writers, activists and feminists – even musician Kate Nash has got in on the action with her cut-and-paste commentary on the way women are treated within the music industry.

My personal favourite is Hayden Kaye’s take on toilet door signage (always an interesting starting point when looking at social gender construction) and I’m glad to see one of my favourite illustrators, Julie Verhoeven, is on board too. The whole thing has been curated by the anarchic and witty Sarah Maple, who has been declared as ‘The heir to Tracey Emin’s throne’ by The Independent on Sunday.

The auction starts tonight from 8pm at East London’s Aubin Gallery, but you’ll want to get there a bit earlier to secure your entry (for £7) and get your mitts on some free drinks! All the details are here, happy bidding!

(Hurray for UK Feminista for bringing this event to my attention, and also the The Guardian for covering it so extensively!)

By: Sarah Barnes, 04.10.2010 | Comments (1)
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  • [...] When I started reading through some of the posters’ messages, I started to realize how much I needed feminism myself. The fact that I was afraid to go in a cab on my own, the fact that I was scared to walk in the streets at night and have learned to accept inappropriate comments and whistles coming from men when walking on the street (regardless of what I was wearing, not that it should matter) were all signs that I have just gotten used to the role that patriarchy was saving for me. Later on I read more on the sneaky ways that rape culture works and I can think of two very clear instances in my life that I was made to believe that I have provoked the predator, not talking about what happened because of stupid guilt trips. That’s when it was absolutely clear for me that feminism needs to exist. It needs to spread, it needs to be talked about, and fought for, until it is no longer needed (much like veganism, that won’t need to have a special name, once we are all vegan ). (I took the picture from this site: http://www.upliftmagazine.com/uplift/2010/10/what-is-feminism-answers-on-a-postcard/) [...]

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