Buy Uplift Issue 1

Uplift started life in 2006 as a printed publication. Since that time it has won the Cosmopolitan blog award for best ‘News and Current Affairs Blog’ in 2010, as well as being featured in The Guardian and The Observer. Uplift has come a long way, but you can still get your mitts on the first printed issue of Uplift magazine right here!

The magazine is a gorgeously colourful 24 page printed publication, with a super 21cm square size. But don’t worry; there are brains behind the beauty. The issue deals with the fear women feel in public spaces -including an interview with Finn Mackay of the London Feminist Network about Reclaim the Night marches- and also features a piece on the radical nature of craft by Amy Spencer. There are musings over make-up, things to make and do, and explorations into the visual side of our orgasms. So what are you waiting for? Get a copy now!


EUROPE – £3.30 GBP