‘Chicken Fillets’ for the Soul…

Chicken Fillets for the Soul

“Hold it right there, little lady! Don’t you know there’s a new way to get Up-lifted?”

Hello everyone, and welcome to the shiny new Uplift website! This fresh re-think and re-design has been a while coming but I really hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s been a lot of hard work, for which I can’t thank my patient contributors (not to mention my web designer/live in lover Dan) enough!

The first thing that you’ll have noticed (since you’re reading it right now!) about the new Uplift is that there is now a blog taking centre stage. Why a blog? Well, everybody’s doing it, dah-link! But aside from the obvious, feminism moves fast – there’s always something new to learn, to talk over or get excited about – and so what better way to keep everyone up to speed than with a daily blog?

This blog will allow Uplift to cover some subjects that are a little bit different from those usually tackled in the Features section. After-all, our feminism isn’t always up front and one dimensional, it bubbles under everything we do (and write), so expect the blog to tackle anything and everything!

I founded Uplift with the aim to give women a break – a break from patronising, out of touch media AND a break to showcase their talents. Now, I hope, Uplift will provide a daily break from boredom, with the new blog making it a fun and informative site to stop by at any time.

I have said, in the past, that I set up ‘Uplift’ “so that other female creatives might find a space to delight in their own show and tell.” Over the next few weeks you’ll be introduced to Uplifts new, and rather fabulous, team of regular bloggers. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from these new voices!

You can also add your own voice in to the mix by commenting on the blogs or features and, as always, we welcome new writers and illustrators to contribute to the features section. We’d also be eternally grateful if you would show your support by following us on Twitter and becoming a fan on facebook!

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading Uplift. I am incredibly excited about this new development in Uplift’s story and I can’t wait to see where this next year will take us!

(Illustration by Sarah Barnes)

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