New Feature – Sophie Calle’s ‘Take Care of Yourself’

Take Care Of Yourself Sophie Calle

Danielle Lawson headed down to the Whitechapel gallery in East London to see Sophie Calle’s ‘Take Care of Yourself’ and take a taste of the artist’s bitter break-up.

‘Take care of yourself’ is a tender phrase, one you might expect to hear voiced instructively by concerned older relatives; however, as the title of artist Sophie Calle’s recently translated project it reeks of a pained sarcasm.  Taken from the sign-off of an unexpected break up letter, ‘Take Care of Your Self’ is a journey through the long process of coming to terms with heartache and loss. But its true interest lies beneath the casual voyeurism of observing a woman’s reaction to being dumped and on the level of basic human relationships.

Read the full article here.

(Image from ‘Take Care Of Yourself’ by Sophie Calle 2007, via the Whitechapel gallery)

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High Tide Heels

High Tide Heels

These high heeled flippers caught my eye whilst in Bruges this weekend. These absurd oddities were not for sale in a shop, however (thank goodness!)… they are in fact a creation of Belgian artist Paul Schietekat. For me, they are a lighthearted starter point to discuss idealised ‘femininity’ versus functionality…

The ‘High Tide Heels’ are currently on display at the Pinsart gallery, but have actually been around since 2006. They have appeared in an advert for Canal plus (if I understand correctly the ad says that, even though it’s the summer season, there’s no rest for bitches!)  and they also seem to have inspired similar designs that have made it onto the catwalk and adverts raising awareness about global warming!

(Photograph by Sarah Barnes)

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New Uplift Contributor – Sina Becker

Say hello to Sina Becker, the talented illustrator who created the fantastic image adorning our latest feature. Check out the piece ‘Hollaback Grrrl‘, by Lydia Harris, to see what Sina has conjured up!

Sina Becker

“Hello lovely Uplift readers, my name is Sina and I’m a 23 year old illustrator who is currently based in the big scary city of London. Having moved around my whole life I have been lucky to have been exposed to all kinds of wonderful people and cultures which have had a great influence on my approach and style in art.

I have just finished doing illustrations for Ameila’s Anthology on alternative energy and whilst I’m not doing that I’m illustrating for various beautiful independent magazines and on-line publications, as well as doing band art work and any fun projects which come my way.

Momentarily I have developed a new obsession with set building and making hand made 3D props which I use in photo-shoots and on costumes.

It’s great fun working with Uplift, helping send out a strong message and I look forward to seeing what exciting new projects and articles the future still has in store for us. X”

To see more of Sina’s work, visit her website, or you can read her interview with here!

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Alex Brew talks tonight at ‘Shattered’

Asking For It Alex BrewPhotographer, writer and Uplift contributor, Alex Brew will be giving a talk tonight at the opening of new exhibition ‘Shattered’. Brew will be exhibiting and discussing images from the Asking For It project that was first shown at Ladyfest London in May 2008. To create the series of images, Brew approached men in public spaces and asked them to fully or partially undress for her and her camera. Her resulting images raised questions about objectification, sexual freedom and power relations between the genders.

Brew will be joined by ceramicist Claudia Clare for the discussion, which runs from 7 til 9pm. Clare’s work consists of  five, giant sized, broken and mended clay pots, which were made in response to contemporary women’s stories of surviving sexual violence.

The Shattered exhibition is a product of working with Rape Crisis, England & Wales. It runs from until the 12th of December at The Original Gallery, Hornsey Library, Haringey Park, N8 9JA. Opening times: Monday – Friday, 1-7.00pm, Saturday and Sunday, 12-4.00pm

(Thumbnail images from Alex Brew’s website)

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Miss Van shows us her ‘Lovestain’

Miss Van Love Stain

The work of Vanessa Alice Bensimon, better known as Miss Van, has always been a conundrum for feminists. On the one hand, when Miss Van (a native of Toulouse, France) began painting her buxom and rather arrogant looking ‘poupees’ in the mid 1990’s she was doing something really fresh and new. Along with fellow graffiti artist  Mademoiselle Kat, Miss Van created a vibrant feminine scene within the normally male dominated graffiti world. Her work, and relatively unusual artistic practice (Miss Van favours latex paint and brushes to spray cans), has since inspired many female graffers to pick up their paintbrushes and put their creativity out there.

All good stuff, of course! However, there’s that other hand to think about…


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