New Feature – Alesha Dixon; How We Came To Love Again

Alesha Dixon's Cinderella Story

As Alesha Dixon’s new single ‘To Love Again’ is released, Heather Kennedy examines Dixon’s modern day Cinderella story to discover how reality television remoulded a fresh, British garage MC to prime-time personality and pop princess;

As the embers cool from her Strictly Come Dancing backlash, Alesha Dixon is fast on her way to becoming a national hero. Her recent appearance on Fearne And… cemented our allegiance to Team Alesha. She exhibited an unassuming warmth which shines like gold dust in the pinched and neurotic world of celebrity. But if you’re hoping to find any of this inviolable charm in her new single To Love Again, it’ll be a quest in vain. The single, released today (Sunday 15th of November) is likely to do well, given its timely arrival at a point when our affection for Alesha is undergoing such an ascendance. And it’s in spite of this affection that I find grounds for lament; I’m of course talking about her transition from plucky garage MC, backbone of Mis Teeq to pedlar of the musically mundane.

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(Illustration by Sarah Barnes)

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