Can You Feel It?

This little sticker, at a pedestrian crossing near Old Street Station, made me very happy indeed. With activism supporting site UK Feminista launching today, the recently aired Women documentary series still fresh in our minds, and the warm glow still burning after Million Women Rise, this simple sticker-showcased-sentence totally sums up how I am feeling about the UK women’s movement right now. Sisterhood really is blooming! It’s blooming marvellous!

By: Sarah Barnes, 27.03.2010 | Comments (2)
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Inspiring Confidence with Feminist Graffiti

I absolutely love feminist graffiti, and rejoice whenever I see it… so imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw this particular plastic surgery advert which had been covered with all manner of feminist sloganed stickers. Of course, it would be much nicer to get on the tube and not have to come face to face with these adverts on a daily basis, but until that day at least we have this form of activism to brighten our day.

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‘Beautiful’ is not a Personality

Funny People Poster

Just had to stop and take a picture of this awful poster (above) for the film Funny People, and the wonderful graffiti that some admirable soul took the time to scribble on it (below).

Women Have Personalities Too!

I don’t think anyone would seriously  stop and think “Hmm that particular character obviously  has a beautiful personality, with a warm heart and a kind soul!” The message is clear; If you’re a woman,  it’s all about ‘appearing’ rather than ‘doing’ or ‘being’.

Interesting how different it is from this poster for the same film (aimed at an American audience, maybe?). Why was the other female actress omitted from our version? Couldn’t they think of a suitable ‘personality’ to give her?!

By: Sarah Barnes, 16.11.2009 | Comments (3)
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Miss Van shows us her ‘Lovestain’

Miss Van Love Stain

The work of Vanessa Alice Bensimon, better known as Miss Van, has always been a conundrum for feminists. On the one hand, when Miss Van (a native of Toulouse, France) began painting her buxom and rather arrogant looking ‘poupees’ in the mid 1990’s she was doing something really fresh and new. Along with fellow graffiti artist  Mademoiselle Kat, Miss Van created a vibrant feminine scene within the normally male dominated graffiti world. Her work, and relatively unusual artistic practice (Miss Van favours latex paint and brushes to spray cans), has since inspired many female graffers to pick up their paintbrushes and put their creativity out there.

All good stuff, of course! However, there’s that other hand to think about…


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