Wearing Hairy Legs in Public…

Hairy Legs Twtee

I’ve become quite enamoured with this tee shirt after seeing it on Melanie (creator of the fantastic Colouring Outside The Lines zine) Maddison’s Remember Who You Are blog. The tee is the creation of Twtee, a collaborative project from two screenprinting maniacs, Eva Megias and Emma Thatcher, who offer up ‘classic white tee shirt style with a handmade homo twist.’

I love the scrabbly illustration style, the electro style font and the zingy hot pink. And, of course, I love the image itself! I think it’s hilarious; those hairy legs sitting oddly atop a pair of high heels, provocatively mixing up and messing with the ideas of what people find sexy and repulsive.

I can imagine Peaches wearing this tee on her day off. Teamed with some pink hot pants, of course. And maybe even her own hairy legs to complete the look!

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High Tide Heels

High Tide Heels

These high heeled flippers caught my eye whilst in Bruges this weekend. These absurd oddities were not for sale in a shop, however (thank goodness!)… they are in fact a creation of Belgian artist Paul Schietekat. For me, they are a lighthearted starter point to discuss idealised ‘femininity’ versus functionality…

The ‘High Tide Heels’ are currently on display at the Pinsart gallery, but have actually been around since 2006. They have appeared in an advert for Canal plus (if I understand correctly the ad says that, even though it’s the summer season, there’s no rest for bitches!)  and they also seem to have inspired similar designs that have made it onto the catwalk and adverts raising awareness about global warming!

(Photograph by Sarah Barnes)

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