Kinki ‘tache bleaching…

What better way to set off your Oscar De La Renta robe than with a smear of Jolen bleaching cream on your top lip?

This image, from German magazine Kinki, totally tickled me – and so I just had to smuggle the mag back from Berlin (that’s where I was this weekend, for all those wondering about the lack of posts from Fri to Sun!) and share it with you all.

The editorial is called Taking Pictures of Myself and the set-up (which is false, since the photography is credited to Filippo Del Vita) is that the model is idly messing about, dressing up and snapping away with a remote trigger. The style is faux-intimacy, with a feeling that these ‘personal’ images were never intended to be made public. Though it’s all a fiction, I still love this defiant daring of portraying, what is to many, an intensely private beauty regime.

The rest of Kinki is a complete visual feast; all sexy typography, delicious fashion and brave new art. And the smell! Oh, the smell! That thick paper sure has slurped up it’s fair share of ink. For Mag-Addicts like me, here are some choice Kinki cuts;

Read Kinki for yourself (if you can read German, of course) online here.

By: Sarah Barnes, 04.02.2010 | Comments (0)
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