A Girl Like Me

Catching up with my favourite blog, Sociological Images, this weekend I was interested to see that CNN have recently had a bash at recreating Dr Kenneth Bancroft Clark and Ms Mamie Phipps Clark’s famous 1940’s doll experiment. The experiment involved presenting children with two dolls, one black and one white in skin colour, and then asking questions that alluded to their unconscious preference. Watch the outcomes of CNN’s modern experiment here… the results are in turns devastating and hopeful.

Anyway, this recent revisiting of the Clark doll experiment is a great excuse to take a look at Kiri Davis’ illuminating film ‘A Girl Like Me’. Davis also recreates the doll experiment, but goes further in her analysis by interviewing her peers about their beauty regimes and self perception. In this way, Davis demonstrates how such seeds of racial favouritism can go on to manifest and strengthen throughout adolescence, entering into adult ideas of feminine beauty.

By: Sarah Barnes, 16.05.2010 | Comments (2)
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