New Uplift Contributor – Lydia Harris

I’m very pleased to introduce our newest contributor, Lydia Harris, who wrote the latest feature ‘Hollaback Grrrl‘;

Lydia Harris

“I’m Lydia Harris.  I’m 21, a recent Goldsmiths graduate and living in London.  I’m involved in feminist activism and I’m especially interested in D.I.Y. culture, zines and riot grrrl.

I spend a lot of my time reading and writing words, listening to Sonic Youth and organising a feminist club night (with co-conspirators) called Girl Germs.  I also work in a second-hand bookshop and volunteer at the Feminist Library.   Reading that back, I guess it would be fair to say that I’m pretty into books!

I have a feminist blog called Swimsuit Issue.  I also write for BitchBuzz on a weekly basis and have been involved in editing the upcoming issue of Filament magazine.

I’m so pleased so be involved with the brilliant Uplift!”

To see more of Lydia’s writing, take a trip to her blog. And don’t forget to read her latest feature for Uplift, ‘Hollaback Grrrl‘!

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New Feature – Hollaback Grrrl

Street harassment is something we, as women, will encounter far too often and it can be accompanied by the fear, if not the reality, of sexual assault, violence and rape. In light of this, Lydia Harris welcomes the arrival of a British Hollaback movement;

I was so excited to hear that the UK now has its own Hollaback blog. For people who haven’t come across one of these blogs before, they’re essentially accounts of street harassment from women in various US cities. It’s a great way for women to vent their experiences, rather than just bottling up that impotent rage that many of us feel after dealing with sexual comments from strangers.

After all, how many of us feel up to confronting these swines after we’ve been humiliated and degraded? We often just slope off red-faced with our skin crawling, angry at them for daring to speak to us like that and angry at ourselves for saying nothing in return. And this is exactly the reaction they want…

Read the full article here.

(Illustration by Sina Becker)

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