New Feature: MEN heat up Soho

A week ago, some friends and I went along to Madame Jojo’s to catch the awesome MEN. Of course, we were all big fans of Le Tigre so were excited to see what JD Samson and her MEN could pull out of the bag. Let’s just say, we came away from Madame Jojo’s that night absolutely smitten!

Damn-fine illustrator and music writer, Thomas Leadbetter was part of out happy little gang that night – and he was super-eager to review the gig! Read his fantastic full review, and see pics of the performance, here.

My personal highlight of the night was Credit-Card Babie$, so I just thought I’d share this video I found of the band performing an acoustic version of that track. The pared down nature of this version really emphasises the sweetness of the song… despite all the ‘fuck’s and ‘cock’s flying around!

By: Sarah Barnes, 26.01.2010 | Comments (0)
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