Speaking of Diversity in Modelling…

Okay, so this whole “We need to re-imagine the entire modelling landscape” argument has really come to the fore-front of my mind lately. Whilst I could blame the fact that I’m reading Crystal Renn’s autobiography, Hungry, for the re-emphasising of this long held belief, I think my resurgence in interest actually came when Company Magazine announced they were going to publish another Reader Issue this year. (more…)

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All Walks Beyond The Catwalk at London Fashion Week

Running around London Fashion Week last week there were plenty of fantastic collections to write up (something I’ve been doing here)… but very little in the way of feminist happenings to report on. That was until I bumped into the All Walks Beyond the Catwalk campaign in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue at the opulent (and slightly creepy) Freemason’s Hall. In a little make-shift photography studio the All Walks team were snapping away at willing participants, each holding a letter that would later spell out ‘Every Body Counts’. (more…)

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