Helping Haiti, one needle at a time…

By now I’m sure we’ve all heard about the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti this week. The news is tragic, and rightly, there have been a multitude of money raising efforts started subsequently. Perhaps the oddest one though, can be found here, where a Manhattan plastic Surgeon has pledged to donate all proceeds from Botox and Filler treatments to the Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

I’m slightly torn on this one. Clearly, Haiti is in need of Aid, and the fact that so many people have forwarded what they are able to is admirable. I don’t want to seem for a second that I’m shooting down the notion of fund raising for Haiti, nor am I denying that the Plastic Surgery industry makes big bucks..

… so perhaps I am just being cynical in highlighting the potentially offensive correlation between beautifying, anti-aging plastic surgery in the glamour capital Manhattan,  and the altogether different type of surgery that has been abundant in Haiti this week:  limb amputation.

As has been reported widely across our news media, Haiti hospitals are struggling to cope with the huge influx of seriously injured people needing imminent treatment, with some medical facilities having to be assembled on the streets in order to cope with the huge numbers requiring medical assessment. Botulinum toxin just doesn’t seem appropriate.

To make a donation to the Haiti Earthquake fund, please visit The Red Cross or Oxfam.

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Oxfam DIY at London Fashion Week

Oxfam DIY Flyer

Estethica has been providing otherwise blinkered fashionistas (myself included!) with an environmental eye opener at London Fashion Week since 2006. The Estethica exhibition brings together an exciting bunch of ethically sound, fair trade and environmentally friendly fashion labels and charities so that they may showcase their work, infiltrate the mainstream fashion industry and get noticed by the press.  This year Oxfam was there and grabbing a piece of the LFW action… (more…)

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