Dayanita Singh’s Dream Villa

New Dehli born and based artist Dayanita Singh is a brave woman. In order to seek out beauty, photographer Singh has been travelling at night to unfamiliar locations and setting about looking for dream-like visions to capture on camera. The result of her nocturnal travels makes up her new book ‘Dream Villa’.

Part art object and part travelling exhibition, the book simply presents Singh’s images in all their peaceful, mysterious and eerie glory. The images speak of the relationship between man and nature, as Singh relishes in the effects of un-natural lighting and how it brings vividness and colour to the dark night.

Dream Villa is available now from Steidl.

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Kinki ‘tache bleaching…

What better way to set off your Oscar De La Renta robe than with a smear of Jolen bleaching cream on your top lip?

This image, from German magazine Kinki, totally tickled me – and so I just had to smuggle the mag back from Berlin (that’s where I was this weekend, for all those wondering about the lack of posts from Fri to Sun!) and share it with you all.

The editorial is called Taking Pictures of Myself and the set-up (which is false, since the photography is credited to Filippo Del Vita) is that the model is idly messing about, dressing up and snapping away with a remote trigger. The style is faux-intimacy, with a feeling that these ‘personal’ images were never intended to be made public. Though it’s all a fiction, I still love this defiant daring of portraying, what is to many, an intensely private beauty regime.

The rest of Kinki is a complete visual feast; all sexy typography, delicious fashion and brave new art. And the smell! Oh, the smell! That thick paper sure has slurped up it’s fair share of ink. For Mag-Addicts like me, here are some choice Kinki cuts;

Read Kinki for yourself (if you can read German, of course) online here.

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V magazine gets big

V Magazine January’s issue is the latest fashion magazine to embrace larger sized models entitled, rather obviously, the Shape Issue, it features models all sorts of shapes and sizes. “Big, little, pint-size, plus-size —every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it,” says V editor Stephen Gan. Erm, I think we may already know that Stephen. But you’re right, a few stragglers in the back may still be berating themselves for eating that extra mince pie, slice of Christmas cake, bowl of trifle or Christmas pudding.

In a somewhat refreshing take on the plus size issue, V’s Size Issue has opted to celebrate the female form in two of the shapes that mother nature bestowed on us. So, we have not only women with rolls and curves, but also women with small boobs and bones. In one editorial entitled One Size Fits All (shown below), Crystal Renn (the former category) and Jacqulyn Jablonski (the latter category) are pictured in identical outfits on adjacent pages. Not only does this simple technique highlight how unattainable certain Karl Lagerfield-esque ideas of the figure  are, but also allows the viewer to decide what counts as a healthy figure. The other editorial that has been released, called Curves Ahead, features 4 plus sized models photographed in a various stages of dress, further beautifully proving V’s point. (more…)

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Last Chance To See: SHOWstudio’s ‘Fashion Revolution’


Just a few days left to catch Fashion Revolution, the SHOWstudio exhibition, at Somerset House. If you are a follower of fashion, then you’ll kick yourself (with your shiny new Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes) if you miss it. The entire exhibition acts as a unique sneak peek into a world that is often presented as elusive, exclusive and somewhat mystical. The fashion is so close you can almost taste it but, as a mere exhibition goer, there is the feeling that it will always be out of reach. (more…)

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New Feature – Sophie Calle’s ‘Take Care of Yourself’

Take Care Of Yourself Sophie Calle

Danielle Lawson headed down to the Whitechapel gallery in East London to see Sophie Calle’s ‘Take Care of Yourself’ and take a taste of the artist’s bitter break-up.

‘Take care of yourself’ is a tender phrase, one you might expect to hear voiced instructively by concerned older relatives; however, as the title of artist Sophie Calle’s recently translated project it reeks of a pained sarcasm.  Taken from the sign-off of an unexpected break up letter, ‘Take Care of Your Self’ is a journey through the long process of coming to terms with heartache and loss. But its true interest lies beneath the casual voyeurism of observing a woman’s reaction to being dumped and on the level of basic human relationships.

Read the full article here.

(Image from ‘Take Care Of Yourself’ by Sophie Calle 2007, via the Whitechapel gallery)

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Alex Brew talks tonight at ‘Shattered’

Asking For It Alex BrewPhotographer, writer and Uplift contributor, Alex Brew will be giving a talk tonight at the opening of new exhibition ‘Shattered’. Brew will be exhibiting and discussing images from the Asking For It project that was first shown at Ladyfest London in May 2008. To create the series of images, Brew approached men in public spaces and asked them to fully or partially undress for her and her camera. Her resulting images raised questions about objectification, sexual freedom and power relations between the genders.

Brew will be joined by ceramicist Claudia Clare for the discussion, which runs from 7 til 9pm. Clare’s work consists of  five, giant sized, broken and mended clay pots, which were made in response to contemporary women’s stories of surviving sexual violence.

The Shattered exhibition is a product of working with Rape Crisis, England & Wales. It runs from until the 12th of December at The Original Gallery, Hornsey Library, Haringey Park, N8 9JA. Opening times: Monday – Friday, 1-7.00pm, Saturday and Sunday, 12-4.00pm

(Thumbnail images from Alex Brew’s website)

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