It all adds up…

Funny how you can keep seeing little bits and bobs around one certain subject and then, suddenly, you join the dots and out pops a blog post! Here’s one about all the street-harassment related items that have popped into my field of vision lately…

I came across this Welsh PSA (above) recently that beautifully sums up how street harassment can affect women – Every. Single. Day. Whilst there are those who don’t get why such cat-calls and comments are an annoyance (the very same people who tell harassed women to ‘grow up‘ and ‘it’s a wolf whistle, big wow‘) this advert aims to show them that it’s not just a one off remark that can be upsetting,  it’s the culmination of a constant barrage of ‘compliments’ that can make women feel creeped-out and pissed-off.

And if you’re so pissed-off that the only answer is to vent some rage by playing a First Person Shooter for a couple of hours, well there’s now a game especially for you! Amateurish new video game Hey Baby has been causing controversy due to the fact that the gameplay revolves around brutally murdering the blocky-looking boys who might pass lewd comments on you as you attempt to make your way home;

Whilst many are, obviously, stating that cold-blooded murder is never the best way to deal with a ‘harmless’ wolf whistle, games journalist Kieron Gillen explains that that’s not the point. In a post addressing the flustered male readers of Rock Paper Shotgun, Gillen says;

Okay: the game isn’t about mowing down men. It’s about male privilege and what male privilege feels like.

The game’s rubbish, of course. But the one thing it does well is show how what you may think is an innocuous compliment feels in the context of a woman’s life. You approaching a woman in the street and being what you think is politely flirty is a different thing when, down the street, someone’s suggested that maybe you’d like to suck my dick and you’re a fucking bitch if you don’t.

From her perspective, it’s a culture of harassment she has to either politely deal with or ignore. From your perspective, you’re just showing how you feel. That your passing desire means you get to derail a woman’s life whenever you feel like it is the absolute definition of male privilege. If you’re a man, and you’ve acted like this, the woman you do it to, beneath the polite smile she has to offer, has probably fantasised about you dying.

Laurie Penny has also written a piece on Hey Baby for The New Statesman which has, of course, spawned a flurry of angry comments. Comments which drew another, calmer contributor (by the name of J. Van Meter) to remark;

It must be painful for some guys to imagine that their ‘friendly’ comments, rather than drawing the fond attention of passing woman, just cast them as faceless potential threats.

Which brings me neatly on to my final street-harassment related tit-bit of the day!

I came to Phaedra Starling’s Schrödinger’s Rapist post via a discussion at the Reclaim The Pub blog. Whilst Starling’s post, written as a guide for men on how not to approach women in public spaces, has received a lot of criticism (and is by no means perfect!) – in my opinion it still holds its own as a simple and eye-opening breakdown of male privilege. Basically, the post explains that whilst men may feel their romantic advances towards a stranger in a public place are harmless and good-natured, there’s only a slim chance that their behaviour will be read as such by a woman who has most likely encountered harassment and assault far too often to feel safe.  Have a read here, if you haven’t already.

Each and every one of these examples I have come across lately really underlines how the constant onslaught of street harassment can add up to create a much bigger problem than the one that first appears. That is why retaliations like ‘it’s a wolf whistle, big wow‘ miss the point by a mile…

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MTV worries me… part 4; Making Street Harassment ‘Sexy’

3OH!3 Katy Perry Starstrukk

Whilst writing my (ever multiplying… gosh, I’m easily perturbed, aint I?) blog posts about music videos, I’ve started to notice another little trend. This time, however, it’s not content of the videos that’s getting to me but the lyrics of the songs, instead. (more…)

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MTV worries me… part 3; Putting Women in Cages

What is it with women in cages? Seriously. Is this supposed to be sexy? Clearly it is, otherwise the media wouldn’t keep doing it. But why is it supposed to be sexy? What’s wrong with people!?


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Reclaim The Night, This Saturday!

Women of London! Women of Britain! It’s time to dust off your banner and wrap up warm, because Reclaim The Night is here again.

Saturday 21st November will see women gather at 6.30pm at Whitehall Place, Central London for the women’s march to the Camden Centre in Kings Cross. From that point onwards there will be a mixed rally and a party until late.

And to remind us why we still need to Reclaim the Night, a quote from RTN’s own website;

“In every sphere of life we negotiate the threat or reality of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. We cannot claim equal citizenship while this threat restricts our lives as it does. We demand the right to use public space without fear. We demand this right as a civil liberty, we demand this as a human right.”

Find out more at and on The F Word (where they discuss the use of the term ‘women only’ used by RTN)

Edit: Just found this incredibly strong and moving piece from Hannah Nicklin about exactly why she will be attending the march, and why you should too.

(Image taken from this post over on Feministing. Love the banner!)

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‘Beautiful’ is not a Personality

Funny People Poster

Just had to stop and take a picture of this awful poster (above) for the film Funny People, and the wonderful graffiti that some admirable soul took the time to scribble on it (below).

Women Have Personalities Too!

I don’t think anyone would seriously  stop and think “Hmm that particular character obviously  has a beautiful personality, with a warm heart and a kind soul!” The message is clear; If you’re a woman,  it’s all about ‘appearing’ rather than ‘doing’ or ‘being’.

Interesting how different it is from this poster for the same film (aimed at an American audience, maybe?). Why was the other female actress omitted from our version? Couldn’t they think of a suitable ‘personality’ to give her?!

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This Chair is Ass.


Taking the objectification of women to a whole new level? Yep, that’s what I thought too. For a little while, I was passing this chair every day going to and from work – it was furnishing a little ‘pop up’ advertising agency near where I live – and every day I wondered what the thought process behind choosing such a chair for a place of work might have been… other than turning heads, obviously.

The chair is made by Italian company Casamania (after several Google searches, typing in ‘Sexy Chair’ came up with the goods) and it turns out it comes in both male and female versions. I’d love to know who bought these chairs, where they were used and whether the male or female version is more popular.

In my frantic Googling to find the chair’s maker, I had stumbled onto what seems to be a big trend for humanising furniture; take a look at some examples here, here, here, here, and here. It’s interesting, but not surprising, to find that a lot of humanised furniture takes on a female gender and has erotic undertones. Some aren’t even subtle in their kinky funtions – this one really boggles the mind!

I’m not fan of this chair (if you hadn’t guessed already!) since, to me, it feels like yet another one of those little reminders from the patriarchal-powers-that-be that put women ‘in their place’; “Don’t get too above your station, lady, we only really want you to sit around and look pretty!” And that’s just looking at it! Can you imagine how having to sit in it (at your place of work, no less) would make you feel?

Whereas forniphila enthusiasts may be fans of this Allen Jones style of home furnishing, I prefer my feminised fixtures and fittings served up Sarah Lucas style.

(Photograph by Sarah Barnes)

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