London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival opens tonight!

The 24th Annual London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival kicks off this evening, starting off a two week celebration of all the best queer cinema from around the world.

The festival begins with the world premier of The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister, a true tale of a woman who defied the conventions of the 1800’s by living with her female partner. Whilst keeping her lesbian lifestyle secret, Miss Lister documented her life, using her own unique code, in a diary which has only just recently been deciphered. This film will be the first time many have encountered the story of the woman who has been called Britain’s first modern lesbian.

Another film not to be missed is I Killed My Mother, the multi award winning debut from young French Canadian director Xavier Dolan. Whilst the story is about the sour relationship between a gay teen and his mother, the boy’s sexuality takes a back-seat to the action – making it a refreshing coming of age tale.

For more ideas on films to see and exciting goings on, watch the video here to see the festival organisers give their favourite festival picks. Enjoy the fest!

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New Feature: MEN heat up Soho

A week ago, some friends and I went along to Madame Jojo’s to catch the awesome MEN. Of course, we were all big fans of Le Tigre so were excited to see what JD Samson and her MEN could pull out of the bag. Let’s just say, we came away from Madame Jojo’s that night absolutely smitten!

Damn-fine illustrator and music writer, Thomas Leadbetter was part of out happy little gang that night – and he was super-eager to review the gig! Read his fantastic full review, and see pics of the performance, here.

My personal highlight of the night was Credit-Card Babie$, so I just thought I’d share this video I found of the band performing an acoustic version of that track. The pared down nature of this version really emphasises the sweetness of the song… despite all the ‘fuck’s and ‘cock’s flying around!

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Feminist Fightback Film Night this Thursday

'Apartheid Is So Gay' The Pinky Show

This Thursday, the 17th of December, Feminist Fightback will be hosting a film night to entertain, educate and inform.

On the screening schedule is ‘Apartheid is So Gay’ by The Pinky Show (above) and ‘Underground Londoners’, a look at cleaners on the underground organising to resist precarity and immigration controls.

Also on the bill are;

‘Boy I Am’ Follows the stories of female to male transexuals and the responses of the queer movement.

‘Estrellas de la Linea’ Documentary about Guatemala City sex workers who form a football team to highlight their struggle (Apologies, but I couldn’t find a subtitled trailer!).

The screening will take place at Room G50 at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies – nearest tube Russell Square) from 8-11pm.

Donations of £2.50 unwaged, £4 waged will go to women’s refuge provision for migrant women currently denied access through the ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ legislation.

(Edited on Wednesday 16th December to reflect last minute change of venue. Unfortunately the previous venue, the Video Basement squat, has been evicted)

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Wearing Hairy Legs in Public…

Hairy Legs Twtee

I’ve become quite enamoured with this tee shirt after seeing it on Melanie (creator of the fantastic Colouring Outside The Lines zine) Maddison’s Remember Who You Are blog. The tee is the creation of Twtee, a collaborative project from two screenprinting maniacs, Eva Megias and Emma Thatcher, who offer up ‘classic white tee shirt style with a handmade homo twist.’

I love the scrabbly illustration style, the electro style font and the zingy hot pink. And, of course, I love the image itself! I think it’s hilarious; those hairy legs sitting oddly atop a pair of high heels, provocatively mixing up and messing with the ideas of what people find sexy and repulsive.

I can imagine Peaches wearing this tee on her day off. Teamed with some pink hot pants, of course. And maybe even her own hairy legs to complete the look!

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My Mouth Your Ear – This Sunday

My Mouth Your Ear

This Sunday (the 13th, for those who’ve gotten a bit behind on their advent calendars!) sees the first outing of My Mouth Your Ear. Taking place at the Lift & Hoist Company, Camberwell, this queer spoken word event will be full of festive fun (in the form of cake and mulled wine) and plenty of performers and writers ’sharing stories, poetry, performances, raps, rants, zine articles, blogs, fact, fiction and generally anything you can use your mouth and a mic for.’

The event will go on from 3pm to 8pm (the last performer is estimated to finish at around 6.30pm) and the suggested door donation is £1-3. Bring a cushion or a rug to sit on and get a free Xmas mince pie at the door!

To find out more, or to put yourself forward to perform in the future, you can email

Here are your performers for Sunday’s My Mouth Your Ear;

YaliniDream – Lankan Blood, Manchester Born, Texas bred and Brooklyn steeped, YaliniDream is a Queer Sri Lankan Tamil raised in outside lands. She conjures spirit through her unique blend of poetry, theater, song, and dance.

Fox – Founder of SALUTE! Design and CubCulture screen-printing, Fox is a creative who also enjoys rapping and dancing and having many fingers in many pies.

Charlotte Cooper – “I’ve been making, publishing and performing things for donkeys years, but I’ve been getting into trouble for quite a bit longer.”

Swithun Cooper – Swithun’s poetry has appeared in magazines including Time Out, Magma, Chroma and Poetry London, and the anthology City State: New London Poetry. This year he won an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors.

Jay Bernard – Currently ‘editor’ of Dissocia Zine, which combines dry wit, post-irony and non-existence. She is author of Your Sign is Cuckoo, Girl (2008), and was recently poet in residence on two allotments in Oxford and London, and at the Benenden School in Kent. Jay has performed at venues such as Buckingham Palace, LadyFest and Croydon library.

Heena Patel – Recovering ex-optimist. Dog-fancier. Hates wet feet. Avid Red Dwarf fan. 29, still not out.

Charlotte Richardson Andrews – London-raised writer/journalist. Queer, feminist and unashamedly opinionated. Deputy Editor at Wears The Trousers, a female-centric, online/print music magazine.

Kat Redstone.

Len Lukowska – Sometimes a writer, sometimes a performer. Generally an undisciplined faggy layabout who works in a library and needs more sleep.

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