Selling Security

I came across this image of a provocative fly-poster on Yvan ‘The Face Hunter‘ Rodic’s personal blog (which has so much more inspiration and personality than reams of street style straight-ups, in my opinion!). He snapped the statement in Berlin and I can only wonder what that Berliner meant by their pasted-up protest. Perhaps they’re alluding to the idea that security is a man-made concept… but a male fantasy? Hmmm…

Whatever the graffer’s intentions, the phrase immediately brought my mind back to the wonderful Sarah Haskins and her Target Women piece on Broadview Security adverts. The US company market their alarm systems rather, umm, alarmingly; blatantly proclaiming that women are vulnerable creatures that would be right to live every waking moment in fear of male violence. If you haven’t seen Haskins’ brilliant take-down of the advert then you’ve been missing out. Take a look, it’s horrifically frightening and terrifically funny!

By: Sarah Barnes, 02.04.2010 | Comments (3)
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