We Reclaimed The Night! Part 2

Reclaim The Night - Hall crowd

Following on from our long, wet and happy march everyone slowly filtered into the Camden Centre. Whilst we had been marching it had been difficult to see how many of us marchers there were, but packed into the centre the greatness of our number was an awesome sight!

Reclaim The Night London on Stage

Admittedly, it was lovely to have an opportunity to sit down and dry off (with hot Caribbean food, home made cakes and a licensed bar all making this period of the evening even more enjoyable) but that wasn’t the only reason for us gathering! The vast group of tired marchers were eager to reflect on the night and listen to some emotive and inspiring speakers.


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We Reclaimed The Night! Part 1

Reclaim The Night -Neon Banner

It was with great joy and enthusiasm that myself and (soon-to-be regular Uplift blogger!) Dearbhaile Kitt attended the Reclaim The Night march on Saturday. It might seem strange to outsiders that this march protesting violence towards women would be so happy and exuberant but, for me, those emotions felt totally right.

Along with over 2000 other women marching through central London, I was able to gain the strength to process my anger and sadness at having been harassed and sexually assaulted whilst walking alone on the streets at night (and during the day!) and evolve those feelings from fear into a powerful assertion that all women should have the right to walk the streets without being afraid.  Through our singing, dancing (the drumming group SheBoom really got us going), cheers and chants we were able to deny those who have hurt us any negative and destructive power over our bodies, minds and memories. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom, one we so seldom feel as we simply make our way from A to B.

This amazing video from Hannah Nicklin really conjures up the empowering spirit of the evening;


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The (se)X Factor.

I’m not one of these television elitists who thinks the only things worth watching are David Attenborough documentaries and perhaps the news at ten.

Nor am I a music snob who bemoans the insurgence of tv talent show searching for the UK’S  next big pop star.

Okay, okay, I’ll just come right out and say it- I love The X Factor.


I love the trashy song choices, I love the cheesy dance routines and, for me, the more confetti flying around the stage, the better. I can appreciate a good Leona warble as much as the next person but to be perfectly honest with you, it’s the fully blown novelty acts that usually appeal to my inner diva, and I’m afraid to say that’s Jedward inclusive!

I think one of my favourite aspects of the show, however,  is the judge interaction. I’m all for a bit of panto-banter between Simon and Louis and, heck, I even quite like Dannii  Minogue! I’ll admit to probably being a wee bit in love with Cheryl Cole, but I think the rest of the country are pretty much with me on that one, so no surprises there.

That’s right, I’ ve got love for our X Factor lady judges. However, I can’t help but notice that week by week their outfits are getting more and more ridiculous and also… semi pornographic.


Case in point.


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Reclaim The Night, This Saturday!

Women of London! Women of Britain! It’s time to dust off your banner and wrap up warm, because Reclaim The Night is here again.

Saturday 21st November will see women gather at 6.30pm at Whitehall Place, Central London for the women’s march to the Camden Centre in Kings Cross. From that point onwards there will be a mixed rally and a party until late.

And to remind us why we still need to Reclaim the Night, a quote from RTN’s own website;

“In every sphere of life we negotiate the threat or reality of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. We cannot claim equal citizenship while this threat restricts our lives as it does. We demand the right to use public space without fear. We demand this right as a civil liberty, we demand this as a human right.”

Find out more at www.reclaimthenight.org and on The F Word (where they discuss the use of the term ‘women only’ used by RTN)

Edit: Just found this incredibly strong and moving piece from Hannah Nicklin about exactly why she will be attending the march, and why you should too.

(Image taken from this post over on Feministing. Love the banner!)

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Good For You…

Sexy Ironing

…I sure as hell find it darn unsexy, as well as pretty tedious and (dare I say it) unnecessary.

Oh well, I guess that makes me an inferior female specimen – unsexy, very creased and occupied with better things to do than bloody ironing.

(Photograph by Sarah Barnes)

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Grande Problema!

Problem Solved Tee Shirt

I was unfortunate enough to come across this tee shirt whilst on holiday in Venice… and, I just don’t know what to say. I don’t even know what the tee shirt is trying to say! What is the problem? Well, whatever it is, apparently domestic violence is the answer.

It reminds me of that Game Over Tee Shirt. Seriously, I never thought I would come to the defense of that tee shirt, but at least that one makes sense! The man has a sad face, so he’s clearly unhappy to be committing to his poor wife. Oh boo hoo you got yourself a life partner, have a kleenex.

(On a side note, the Game Over tee is clearly ripe for an anti-marriage feminist make-over, something along the lines of this)

But this shirt makes no sense at all. What’s wrong stick man? You don’t like standing in a box next to a stick woman? This tee shirt is so awful it doesn’t even deserve theorising over.

One last thing. How ashamed must that ‘Made in Italy’ tag line make Italians feel? Bah.

(Photograph by Sarah Barnes)

Edit: You can buy a version of this tee shirt in a women’s maternity version. What the WHAAAT?

Edit: A non violent, for the ladies, version.

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