Wearing Hairy Legs in Public…

Hairy Legs Twtee

I’ve become quite enamoured with this tee shirt after seeing it on Melanie (creator of the fantastic Colouring Outside The Lines zine) Maddison’s Remember Who You Are blog. The tee is the creation of Twtee, a collaborative project from two screenprinting maniacs, Eva Megias and Emma Thatcher, who offer up ‘classic white tee shirt style with a handmade homo twist.’

I love the scrabbly illustration style, the electro style font and the zingy hot pink. And, of course, I love the image itself! I think it’s hilarious; those hairy legs sitting oddly atop a pair of high heels, provocatively mixing up and messing with the ideas of what people find sexy and repulsive.

I can imagine Peaches wearing this tee on her day off. Teamed with some pink hot pants, of course. And maybe even her own hairy legs to complete the look!

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Eco chicks! Pop out to EJF’s Pop-Up Shop!

EJFf SS 2010 TeeShirt collection

Today sees the Environmental Justice Foundation -or EJF for those short of time and breath- open the doors of their pop-up shop in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street. They will be selling preview samples of their  organic and fairly traded cotton tee shirts, printed (using organic certified inks, naturally!) with the S/S 2010 exclusive designs by Jenny Packham, Alice Temperley, Richard Nicoll and Ciel (all above).

EJF is a UK based charity who work internationally to empower the people who suffer most from environmental abuses and help them to find peaceful ways of preventing further devastation in the future. One of the EJF’s primary concerns is the human rights abuses and environmental destruction linked to the production of cotton. It is for this reason that they began the Pick Your Cotton Carefully Campaign. (more…)

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Grande Problema!

Problem Solved Tee Shirt

I was unfortunate enough to come across this tee shirt whilst on holiday in Venice… and, I just don’t know what to say. I don’t even know what the tee shirt is trying to say! What is the problem? Well, whatever it is, apparently domestic violence is the answer.

It reminds me of that Game Over Tee Shirt. Seriously, I never thought I would come to the defense of that tee shirt, but at least that one makes sense! The man has a sad face, so he’s clearly unhappy to be committing to his poor wife. Oh boo hoo you got yourself a life partner, have a kleenex.

(On a side note, the Game Over tee is clearly ripe for an anti-marriage feminist make-over, something along the lines of this)

But this shirt makes no sense at all. What’s wrong stick man? You don’t like standing in a box next to a stick woman? This tee shirt is so awful it doesn’t even deserve theorising over.

One last thing. How ashamed must that ‘Made in Italy’ tag line make Italians feel? Bah.

(Photograph by Sarah Barnes)

Edit: You can buy a version of this tee shirt in a women’s maternity version. What the WHAAAT?

Edit: A non violent, for the ladies, version.

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