Ladyfest Nottingham: Ready to Rock!

It was just a couple of days ago that I was getting over-excited about Ladyfest Ten announcing their festival dates, and yet here I am with yet more lovely Ladyfest news for you!  I’ve just caught a glimpse of Ladyfest Nottingham’s virtual flier – for their festival on the 10th of July – and I have to say it looks like a really unique and exciting event.

With rock metal from Scarlets Wake and grungy punk from The Smears and Grim Dylan (all in the Rescue Rooms from 4 til 10), Ladyfest Nottingham looks to be celebrating the deliciously vicious, darker side of Riot Grrrl (think L7 and early Hole!). Over in the performance venue (the Red Rooms, from 6 til 9) there will be potry and comedic performances and, perhaps controversially, rock pole dancing from Hell On High Heelz.

Now, pole dancing at Ladyfest events is not every feminist’s cup of tea and, honestly, it wouldn’t be my choice of entertainment (either to put on the schedule or to watch)… But I remember clearly the tension and turmoil involved in the organisation of Ladyfest Leeds when we were accused of being a ‘porn-fest’ for even considering having a pole dancer as entertainment and for hosting a very balanced discussion around pornography (For Ladyfest Leicester’s reaction, see the Wednesday April 18th 2007 blog entry here).

Such things as burlesque and pole-dancing are hotly debated in feminist circles but discussion and debate needs to be encouraged, rather than quashed. Hence why I am keeping an open mind about this particular addition to the Nottingham Ladyfest’s line-up… and I would be interested to see Hell On High Heelz’s routine and decide for myself whether it relates to my personal definition of feminism.

What I especially love about Ladyfests is how they deeply reflect the amazing women who work so hard to put them on, and Ladyfest Nottingham looks like a spectacular example of a really personal fest, and a rocking one at that!

Tickets are £5 in advance (from here) or £6 on the door, with all profits going to Roads To Recovery. More details are here, and don’t foget to follow the Notts Ladyfesters on Twitter so you can be kept up to date!

By: Sarah Barnes, 25.06.2010 | Comments (0)
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