UK Feminista launches on Saturday!

I can’t fully express how VERY excited I am about the upcoming launch of the pioneering new website/online community/organisation UK Feminista! The site is not even officially launched yet, and already it looks fantastic and is brimming with useful feminist news and resources.

Co-founded by Kat Banyard, author of the recently published Equality Illusion, UK Feminista will support and promote grassroots feminist activism; ‘enabling everyone to get involved in the campaign to end sexism’.

There’s plenty of talk about the strengthening of the UK feminist movement right now (thanks, BBC4’s Women series!) and UK Feminista looks set to be the perfect tool to give the women’s movement a little extra muscle. Members will be able to share their words of wisdom, flag up exciting events and worthy campaigns, and discover new feminist happenings. There’s plenty of potential, and I can’t wait to see it in action!

My wait won’t be too long, either, as UK Feminista will launch this Saturday (the 27th) with an event at The Women’s Library from 11am to 3pm. Speakers will include Hannah Pool of the Guardian, Darinka Aleksic from Abortion Rights, Frances Carlisle from the Latin American Women’s Rights Service and Katie McGrainer of Birmingham Fems. Find out more here and RSVP to Looking forward to it!

By: Sarah Barnes, 24.03.2010 | Comments (0)
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