Funny Women Showcase, 13th June

Women. They’re a funny old bunch. I know this, you know this… but it seems there are still those out there who refuse to believe that the ‘fairer sex’ possess fully functioning funny bones. Hurrah, then, for Funny Women – a rather fantastic organisation that’s been supporting, recognising and rewarding female comedians for 8 years.

As we gear up to this year’s Funny Women Awards, the finalists are busy proving of their hilarious existences at various Funny Women Showcases, the next of which is this Sunday (the 13th) at Leicester Square Theatre. Get down there to see the brilliant Bridget Christie (Funny Women Awards finalist 2004 and Funny Women Fringe Award Winner 2007), who will most likely be dressed as a giant ant. No, I’m not joking…

I first saw Christie’s Ant act at Robin Ince’s School For Gifted Children gig, where her A. Ant character complained angrily about always being the token ant at comedy gigs and how, just because she’s an ant, everyone expected to hear all the same old ant-related jokes. Why can’t she be appreciated as simply ‘funny’, rather than ‘a funny ant’? Hmm, sounds familiar…

Find out more about the Funny Women showcase and, more importantly, buy your tickets here!

(Illustration by Sarah Barnes)

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Women, Power and Politics

As our minds are still firmly engaged with political matters (I am red eyed, in front of the election results on the telly at 2am, as I type this!) the timing is perfect to hear of an upcoming drama season at London’s Tricycle theatre entitled Women, Power and Politics.  The season, which looks at women in politics (from Elizabeth I, through the Suffragettes, the Thatcher years, Greenham Common, and up to women in politics today), is created by twelve playwrights and designed to ‘challenge, create debate and help to bring about change’.

The Women, Power and Politics season is scheduled to start on June the 4th but, in the mean-time, Tricycle are hoping to raise £25,000 for this very ambitious season. You can lend your support by donating online here. All donors will be acknowledged in the WPP programme and will receive invitations to special WPP events.

Find out more about Women, Power and Politics here.

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Vaginal Volunteering..

Happy New Year everyone! I do hope you all saw 2010 in in style. For me, one of the most exciting things about New Years (besides breaking my resolutions, that is) is the return of Eve Ensler’s fab play The Vagina Monologues, just in time for Valentines. Well, what else am I gonna be doing on that day?


… Perhaps. (more…)

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‘This Wide Night’ at The Soho Theatre

This Wide Night

Just one week to go now before ‘This Wide Night‘ returns to the Soho Theatre. The play, which saw writer Chloë Moss win the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize for playwriting, depicts the lives of two women just after prison.

‘This Wide Night’ is presented by Clean Break, a theatre company that produces plays that tour to UK theatres and prisons with the aim of engaging audiences in the issues of women in the criminal justice system.

Watch the trailer of ‘This Wide Night’ here and book your tickets here!

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