Women Seeking Refuge

If, like me, you’re sometimes a bit too reliant on the mainstream media to spoon-feed you world news – then this month’s World Refugee Day may have passed you by without so much as a “How d’you do?” (It was on June 20th, BTW, so we’ll know for next year!)

I was thankful, then, to receive an email from One World Action about their Women Seeking Refuge campaign. With this campaign the charity is aiming to bring attention to the plight of women and children who experience violence and abuse in the refugee camps of northwestern Tanzania;

Over the past five decades, the Great Lakes region, which includes Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic Republis of Congo (DRC) and Uganda, have been swept by brutal conflicts which have caused the deaths of millions and forced many more to leave their countries in order to survive. For more than thirty years, Tanzania has been hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees who have fled the most brutal atrocities.

Over 90,000 refugees remain in two camps in northwestern Tanzania. Despite fleeing the violence of their homelands, many refugee women have been met by a similar threats in the refugee camps, including rape, forced marriage, domestic violence and psychological abuse. The camps themselves have come under the close scruitany of the international community due to frequent abuses of refugees’ rights and many refugees face forced repatriation back to the homeland from which they fled.

One World Action works with the Women’s Legal Aid Centre to help refugees claim their rights and access justice.

To learn a little more about the campaign, take a look at One World Action’s video, below. You can also share the campaign with friends via the One World Action webpage.

By: Sarah Barnes, 26.06.2010 | Comments (0)
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