Sarah Barnes
Founding editor, Sarah Barnes, created Uplift as her final project on the Visual Communications BA at Leeds Art College. That first printed issue led to her being interviewed for both The Guardian and The Observer as a bright young feminist voice, a persona Sarah herself has never found that remarkable since she regards feminist thought to be common sense. But then, she also truly believes that a nice cup of tea can cure any ill and calm any situation.

Since founding Uplift, Sarah has worked at Amelia’s magazine, and contributed to such publications as The Sunday Telegraph magazine Stella, DIVA, and Subtext. She has a PG Cert in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism, which she studied at London College of Fashion. When not getting over excited about female creativity and gender politics, Sarah is busy amassing an obscene magazine collection… it’s the size of the collection which is obscene, you understand, not the content… ahem.

Dearbhaile Kitt
Unlike some writers, Dearbhaile didn’t emerge from the womb pen poised ready to make scribblings on the wider world. No for her, she first learnt to read and write. Then, once some time had passed, it was a slow realisation that putting pen to paper or fingers to keys made her quite content. Having bonded with Sarah Barnes over LOLcats and the fword whilst interning at Amelia’s Magazine; she was invited to start blogging for the re-launched Uplift site. A decision that was purely meritocratic and absolutely nothing to do with their LOLbuddy status.

She enjoys writing about all aspects of life and hopes to bring an appropriate mix of intelligence and ever so slight frivolity to Uplift. Her top five likes are: hanging out with Sigmund and Doris (her two stunted in growth cats), blue skies, YouTube comments, and conducting excessive EBay searches.

Yasmin Eshref
Yasmin Eshref is a 22 year old brunette londoner, who proudly considers herself a feminist but baulks at the prospect of being labelled some sort of hairy, angry man hater. The truth is she’s a real girly girl who loves make up, fashion and frivolous gossip. For Yasmin, femininity and feminism go hand in hand; She feels that empowerment is about choice, and she chooses to fight patriarchy in red lipstick and heels, damnit!

Yasmin enjoys writing about her personal interpretation of feminism, alongside exploring positive reclaimations of formerly opressive feminine tasks, for instances the uplifting role crafts has to play in the lives of modern women, and the joys of being a housewife who can make her own decisions. She loves writing about good food as well, paticularly when it involves sampling it! Yasmin’s personal blog with examples of all of the above (and some irrelevent ramblings..) can be found at